Heavy Duty Towing in Jacksonville, FL

Despite your best intentions, are you and your tractor-trailer stuck on the side of the road with a looming deadline to meet? Walt’s Wrecker Service in Jacksonville, FL, is ready 24/7 with assistance and professional commercial truck towing services. Whatever emergency you’re facing, we have the equipment necessary to meet the need. For heavy duty towing in Jacksonville and beyond, Contact us today at (904) 389-6644.

Jacksonville FL Heavy Duty Towing

You can count on Walt’s Wrecker Service for all your heavy duty towing and light towing needs in Jacksonville, FL. Whether you’re just passing through the Sunshine State or on your regular run, we understand that every minute counts when you’re on the road.

Jacksonville Heavy Duty Towing Equipment

Whether it is a semi-trailer, box truck, or another commercial truck, the professionals at Walt’s Wrecker Service can handle it. We have worked with semi-trailers, box trucks, package cars or vans, concrete mixers, and heavy equipment. Since 1945, we have been working to get stranded motorists and truck drivers back on the road, quickly and efficiently. We offer a very fast response time to your call and are available around the clock 365 days a year. We promise you won’t be routed through a long, confusing phone system. Not fans of that headache ourselves, we believe in real people answering our phones — no matter what time of the day or night you call for heavy duty towing in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville FL Heavy TowingJacksonville Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy Duty Towing Services

We’re Ready to Help 24/7

You’ll want to keep our number handy because besides heavy duty towing in Jacksonville, we also specialize in restacking and shifting loads on your flatbed trailers and trucks. Give us a call and we’ll bring our wrecker to properly stack your load and get you rolling again. Within our arsenal of equipment, we also possess a rotator wrecker that enables us to take on tricky tasks. It’s particularly handy for jobs such as picking up airplanes, boats, and large industrial equipment, as well as restacking shifted loads.

Be sure to contact Walt’s Wrecker Service at (904) 389-6644 in Jacksonville, FL to take advantage of any of our heavy duty towing and commercial truck towing services. You’ll find that we’re the best at recovery and transport, and we have a secure truck parking area as well. When life on the road doesn’t go according to your plan, we’re here to help.

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