About Us

Walt’s Wrecker Service is privileged to have a rich history. Son of poor South Carolina sharecroppers, Walter H. Bryan, Sr. (known as “Mr. Walt” or “Walt Sr.”) migrated to Jacksonville, Florida on the day after Christmas in the late 1930s. He obtained a job as life insurance salesman, but that field of work wasn’t for Mr. Walt. He then went to work at a gas station on Myrtle Avenue where he fueled and serviced automobiles.

Walt's Garage Jacksonville FL

Walt’s garage located to the right of Independent Body Company on the corner of Edgewood Ave & Beaver St.

Mr. Walt opened his own gas station, service center, and body shop at the corner of Edgewood Avenue and Beaver Street (US-90) in the early to mid-1940s. Seeing the need to tow customers to his shop for service, Mr. Walt started Walt’s Wrecker Service in 1945. The towing part of his business grew and grew, and he eventually got out of selling gas and servicing automobiles. In 1960, road construction forced Walt’s Wrecker Service to move to 3337 West Beaver St. Walt’s Wrecker Service opened for business at the corner of Broadway Avenue and Ellis Road North in the early 1960s, where we are currently doing business. This location is close to I-295 and I-10. Mr. Walt passed away in February 2006, but his legacy and well-known company will live on through us.

Why Choose Us?

Though many things have changed in Jacksonville and the towing industry since 1945, one thing hasn’t: Walt’s Wrecker Service. We have been towing and hauling for customers for over 70 years. From towing and hauling cars on our flatbed rollback trucks, to work with our 50-ton rotator and 50-ton wrecker, to transporting large generators and other equipment pieces, Walt’s Wrecker Service is the obvious choice.

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We will treat you with respect and dignity as we handle your property. Our rich, 70+ year history shows that. We’re ready to handle all of your towing, recovery and vehicle transporting needs. We pride ourselves on our very fast response time and are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Contact us today at (904) 389-6644 for more information or to request a tow truck or other towing services. We look forward to serving you!